Back to School: Office Supplies


Since you have to take the kiddos to Target or Staples for all of their cool back-to-school supplies and gear – why not shop for a few “school supplies” for yourself? Who doesn’t love office supplies? We clearly have a slight obsession here on R&R. From paper clips to pencil cases, here are a few of my top choices that are great for a home office, your desk space or any makeshift work area.

From top left: Campus Notebook // Pocket Sketchbook // Refillable Notebook // Aquarium Erasers // Aquarium Paper Clips // Pencil Case // Neon Permanent Markers // Ballpoint Pens // Mechanical Pencils

With these nifty items on hand, you’ll surely be the coolest mom at the playdate. I mean, colorful pencil lead – hello!

Now that was easy!