Back to School: Snack Time


Turkey Cheddar Wrap

Oh, the after-school snack – growing up, that may have been the best part of my day. I’ve mentioned before that my mom loved to cook and bake, so there were times I would come in the front door, home from a long, hard day of math, science and reading (those were the days) and there would be a tray of fresh-baked cookies sitting on the counter, waiting for me to devour.

It wasn’t always cookies – those were an occasional special treat. Usually it was more like carrot sticks or the ol’ “ants on a log” type of snack. Now as a busy mom myself and knowing when both my kiddos are in school, I want to provide a fun and (at least somewhat) healthy snack for when they get home from school.

After scouring Pinterest and mommy blogs alike looking for the perfect types of after-school snacks, I’ve come to two conclusions:
1. After-school snacks have to be simple to make.
2. After-school snacks need to have some sort of nutritional value.

I came up with my Top 5 easy after-school snacks and none of them even require a recipe. These are crowd pleasers to entertain even the pickiest of eaters!


Peanut Butter Granola Bites


Apple Nachos


Mini Pizza Cupcakes


Turkey Cheddar Wrap


Yogurt Pretzels


Apple Peanut Butter Chip Sandwich

How simple is that? The best part is you can probably pull other things from your pantry or fridge to mix and match and make your own delicious versions! So stock up because school starts soon – the kiddos will be delighted!

  • These look like amazing after school snacks!
    nice job.. x

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  • Thanks, Valentina! They’re simple, somewhat healthy and are sure to be crowd pleasers! Bonus – they’re perfect for entertaining during the upcoming football season!