Back to School: Home Organization


Going back to school is serious business. This is my last year to not entirely stress out about the clothes shopping, school supplies, lists and requirements. That will all come next year. In the mean time, I want to plan ahead, shop smart and get organized for the coming year of Pre-K projects, holiday programs and special parent events.

I found these beautiful fabric covered boxes at my local HomeGoods store and I’m obsessed that they have riveted lids, fun yet sophisticated patterns and a place to label the front. These storage boxes are going to be so helpful in storing art supplies, photos, crafts and all kinds of papers that manage to make their way in the door.

C comes home with at least three pieces of paper plus a craft project every day…that means more than 15 sheets plus trinkets and keepsakes by the end of each week! So I made a rule – everything goes in the box. By the end of the week, when I have time to catch up, we sit together and he can keep a picture or painting he’s proud of to display on the fridge or in his playroom. Everything else either gets recycled (for art projects at home) or tossed.

One of my most favorite places for home organization (and I’m entirely jealous that Laurie now lives so close to one!) is IKEA. I found these magazine holders (the white ones below) and they are great for keeping magazines, files and art projects organized and easily accessible.


And as typical, the bonus here is you can label the back so you know exactly what’s in them! Organizing nerd alert: these mag holders are so inexpensive, you could decide to keep all of your magazines then arrange and order them by title or genre. I haven’t done this yet as I’m still deciding exactly what needs to go in each. Currently there are design magazines and paper samples in them.

Last, but certainly not least – binders! After all, what is back-to-school without binders? I love binders – always have, always will. These colorful Thomas Paul binders are from Target. Got boring binders and want to spruce them up? Check out these adorable printable covers from The Preppy Greek.


You may be sensing a theme here – but yes, those are spaces to label the spine of the binder…because it’s necessary! I plan to use one binder for each of the boys to keep any important daycare and school records that I need to reference such as their school calendars. Can’t wait to highlight all the holidays!

Whether you have kids going back to school soon or not, the fun is just beginning this week with quick and easy after-school snacks and the latest in must-have office supplies!