Adventures in Moving: Home Sweet Home

Hi friends! Boy was last week a whirlwind… As of Saturday, my hubby and I are officially Houstonians! Hard to believe that our time in San Antonio has come to an end. It sure feels bittersweet. As we pulled out of town and started the 3-hour caravan to Houston, tears streamed down my face and I thought to myself “where is this coming from!?” I felt a wave of emotions crash over me — a mix of excitement, happiness, sadness, anxiety and I think partly a little fear of the unknown to come. Change is scary.


I’d be lying if I said that the move was easy. Sure the movers arrived on time and the day overall was pretty seamless. But tensions were high and I’m lucky my husband and I didn’t end up killing each other. He’s the most patient and sweetest souls on the planet — and thank goodness for that. He kept the waters calm throughout the day, despite how many tears, snippy comments or frustrating moments I had. He was organized, resourceful and supportive… He’s the best, y’all.

Now that we’re a few days in, I’ve had time to process the emotions and I feel really happy. It feels good to be back home where our hearts belong but it’s a huge adjustment career-wise for me too. I finally found a job that I absolutely love — the people, the projects… everything — so to say farewell was anything but easy. The good news is that I’ll continue working for the company remotely from Houston, which means I need a home office (commence happy dance)! As you know, I’ve had my heart set on a beautiful home office for quite some time now and so far, I’m loving this “working from home” thing.

I decided on this gorgeous parsons desk from West Elm, this shelving unit from Ikea and a few odds and ends to really perk up the space (including this darling mug, business card holder and some must-have paper products). PS, here’s a little sneak peak of the office! Will share more soon.

PS, can we talk about this beautiful view for a second? I’m obsessed. Hello Houston!


  • houstonismyhomegirl

    So happy to have you back!!

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