Vacation Diaries – Part I


The kiddos are asleep, hubby is sitting outside on the patio enjoying the cool evening with his brother and I have some time all to myself – time for a little R&R!

This vacation has been more than I could have dreamed of for our little family of four. The Great Outdoors has treated us kindly thus far and the scenery is just beautiful: mountains, hills, and valleys, rivers, lakes, and streams. We have had cool mornings and warm afternoons mixed with breezy evenings that are perfect to enjoy with a Colorado cab.

Even though our trip is a little over halfway through, I feel rested and relaxed. This time with family has been rejuvenating. Sure the kids are a handful at times, but it’s all worth it when I see the look on their faces when they enjoy the beauty in nature or experience a new thrill they never knew existed.

Since arriving this past Sunday, we have seen 29 hot air balloons take off, gone up the side of a 9,080-foot mountain in a gondola, waded in two icy rivers, seen a 280-foot waterfall, hiked over six miles of trails and had three amazing meals from local eateries.

Other fun activities included ice skating and ice bumper cars – so fun! The alpine slides are on the schedule for tomorrow. We have had a blast figuring out what the day will look like and then actually getting all the troops out the door to go and enjoy it all. Is it tiring? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

We are also celebrating some big events on this trip. The hubby and I had our eight-year anniversary and we had the opportunity for a kid-free evening to walk the streets of downtown Steamboat and take in the scenery with a good glass of wine. It was lovely – twinkling lights, little shops and live music – the town is adorably picturesque.

My little guy turns one year old on Friday – another huge milestone and something special to celebrate. He is blossoming into a toddler and his little personality gets larger by the day. I’m enjoying being his mommy and he is so special to me. I am truly blessed; but that will be another post for another time.

All for now – part II to come soon! I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

  • Monica Weinheimer

    So glad you all are having fun and wish I could’ve snuck myself into the back of your car. Would’ve loved to see all the kiddo’s excited faces as they experienced their “Colorado Trip”! Can’t wait to hear all about it but more . . . can’t wait to give them grandkids a BIG HUG!!

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