Just Another Day in Paradise

vacay 2

Why hello there, my loves! As you likely noticed, I’ve been checked out for the past week or so, taking some much-needed R&R with my family in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. To say I’ve been enjoying the sunshine would be an absolute understatement, as I’ve been savoring this sweet paradise as much as possible.

We’ve managed to stay in what could easily be the most breathtaking spot in all of Mexico — private villa facing the sea with Los Arcos National Marine Park in the near distance, where fish frolic and seagulls soar. It is certainly the most stunning setting I’ve ever seen. And from this vantage point, Mexico is truly magical.

With all of the packing and moving and hectic life movements lately, I’ve needed a little siesta… and boy has it been long overdue. It’s been nice to unwind, disconnect, rejuvenate and relish in the beauty of this colorful, vibrant place. Unlike most of our family vacations, this one is very relaxed. Not a ton of planning, just winging it as we go. And this could perhaps be the new way of travel for me. Why over-plan the vacay when we over-plan our everyday life?

You can see more of my snapshots on Instagram. More to come!