June Memories & Moments


Happy July! June seemed to fly by with multiple celebrations and momentous occasions. Here are a few of my most memorable moments from last month.

R&R Anniversary
The beginning of the month started off with a celebration of epic proportions – well, seemingly epic for Laurie and I anyway. We celebrated with a fun photo shoot (new pics to be published soon!) and a casual dinner filled with laughter, a side of sappiness, and chips and salsa, of course!

Vacation Planning
This month we will hit the road to take our first vacation as a family of four to Colorado. Planning to caravan with my brother-in-law’s family, we’ve had a blast picking out hiking trails, hot springs and restaurants to try out while we soak in the scenery and enjoy a little time off from the real world of schedules, meetings and carpools. Can’t wait to get the boys out into nature!

Elijah’s First Steps
Right around Father’s Day, Elijah decided to take his first steps. He had been determined to keep up with big brother and decided to suddenly take off on this special day. Ever since then, I have seen him learning each day how to balance and even pick himself up from his tumbles. I realized my baby is no longer an infant and from this point forward, he wants to be everywhere and be into everything!

Dinner with Friends
Before their big move, we’ve been talking (for months now) to have Laurie and her hubby over for dinner and strawberry margaritas. Laurie’s hubby created a magical meat mixture that involved mostly bacon (a little bit of heaven) and mine then happily fired up the smoker to create an amazing dinner for us. Laurie took the photo (above) of me and Elijah that evening. We loved having them over and will miss having them in the same city!

It was a wonderful month full of great memories – little moments and big changes that I’ll cherish. July looks to be just as fun-filled with vacations, time off with family and a big move – for one of us anyway, and as always a little (much needed) R&R!