Adventures in Moving: I Need a Nap


To say that life has been crazy lately would be a giant understatement. Our apartment has been turned upside down and for the OCD in me, that is anything but easy. I’m the kind of gal who always has a place for everything. Clutter is not my thing. Stacks of papers, piles of clothing, random items scattered everywhere… not me. This whole packing thing is not my favorite.

And yet in the middle of all the insomnia and what seems like hundreds of cardboard boxes piling up around me, all I can think about is finding our next home. We are so excited for the new apartment — hello home office and downtown view — but I’m still dreaming of our forever home. We’re hoping that the apartment is “temporary” and that we find a place to settle down and buy. It seems closer than ever. Last night I stopped by a friend’s house to take some boxes off her hands (she recently moved too) and immediately fell in love with the beautiful front porch, wooden fence… the whole picture. Can we have that?

This weekend I plan on taking a breather. We have plans with friends and family, and I fully intend on having the largest margarita on the planet tonight at dinner. Just a few more boxes stand between me and a much-needed week in Mexico. TGIF, I need a nap.