DIY: Dipped Utensils


So I’ll admit, life has gotten away from me a bit and I haven’t sat down for a good soul-soothing DIY therapy session in a long time. While I have started to dabble back in my scrapbooking – something I’ve always enjoyed – I’ve realized that my youngest turns one in a month and I have yet to completely chronicle his first full year. (What is wrong with me?!)

However, I did want to share this fun DIY with you in order to conjure up the crafty spirit for the start of the weekend. This project involves your boring, wooden kitchen utensils – you know the ones sitting in your kitchen drawer that are oh-so handy, but also super dull-looking. Read on if you want to add personalization and flair to any plain ol’ kitchen spoon.

Aren’t these darling? (Thanks Pinterest!) If you’re ready to get started, pick out a few utensils that need some livening up and get to work! Be sure to cover your workspace before you begin. This project goes pretty quickly, but plan on hanging out, or doing the dishes while you wait to put on a second coat of paint.

Next choose a fun paint color (or colors – the more, the merrier!) from your local craft store, then using masking tape or painter’s tape, tape off the utensil. Don’t worry – if you’re painting multiple utensils, they don’t need to all be painted at the same height – that’s part of the fun! Two coats of paint should give a nice solid color, but like I said, let the utensils hang out to dry in between the first and second coat. If you like the look of the wood grain, or a stained effect, opt for only one coat.

Don’t forget – if you want to hand-wash these worry-free, spray a coat of high gloss clear shellac over the painted area to seal the deal. This one works great for this type of project and comes in handy for other DIYs.

I have a pot rack hanging over my kitchen island and I actually have always hung my bamboo utensils from there. Now I will proudly display my freshly painted utensils instead of hiding them away in a drawer!