At Home: A Workspace that Works

We found a place to live! Hubby and I signed on an apartment over the weekend and that really made all of this feel REAL. We officially move to Houston the last weekend of July which will be here before we know it.

We decided to “downsize” and rent an apartment close to the city — we can even see the downtown skyline from our patio! Moving into a 1 bedroom plus a study will certainly be an adjustment from the 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment that we have now. But there are just so many great things about the new place! Plus, it’s somewhat temporary since we hope to buy a house within the next 12 months. The nice part about the floor plan we chose is that the space is very open. A great room that will be perfect for our dining room table and a comfy living area for us to kick up our feet. Bathroom space is perfect (two sinks, hooray!) plus a separate shower and large Roman tub. And the closets are huge! Kitchen is open with lots of light and new appliances — including a normal sized refrigerator and freezer, which is a BIG plus for an apartment — and the study includes a 1/2 bath, which will be great for guests.

This will be the first time that I’ll have a home office and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve had my heart set on a gorgeous workspace for some time now, and it’s finally my turn to make it my own! This will definitely be a big adjustment for me — I’ve never worked from home. But I’m looking forward to getting into a routine that allows for some flexibility. It will require a lot of self-discipline but I’m up to the challenge. The key is creating a space that I love.

I’ve swooned over Emily Ley’s beautiful home for a while now and I’m excited to draw inspiration from her bright, classic and clean office. I can imagine myself spending my days in a beautiful space like this… can’t you?


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While I haven’t pushed the “purchase” button just yet, I think I’ve decided on this desk and this shelving unit. I know, it looks like every other blogger’s office, right? Well, I intend on making it my own with pops of color and styling with inspiration boards, pretty baskets for easy storage, an area rug and other personalized accents.

And I really can’t wait to use this space for lots of fun R&R projects! With the imminent launch of our shoppe, I know this space will come in handy for late-nite conference calls with Jess and quiet time for blogging. I think it will feel like home in no time.

  • Carroll

    How exciting! Your apartment sounds fabulous!!

    • Thanks Carroll! Can’t wait to share the big home office reveal once we get settled. :)

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