A Place for Everything

Everything in its Place

I love to organize. I may not always be organized, but when I am, it gives me a sense that everything has a place. I love to give my things a home, and jewelry is no exception.

Several months ago, Laurie was so sweet and gave me a beautiful little pink ceramic tray from Francesca’s. I absolutely adore it and I decided to place it on my nightstand for my rings, bobby pins, and earring studs that I may have forgotten to take off after I’ve already curled up in bed.

If you’re looking for something similar, these dainty dishes are perfect for holding your valuables by the kitchen sink, bedside table, bath or wherever your jewels need a place to call home.

Layla Grayce // Pure Home // Furbish Studio // Nordstrom // Layla Grayce // Calypso St. Barth