On-Hand Entertaining


We tend to entertain on-the-fly around our house quite often. That can mean anything from having some of the hubby’s friends over to watch a game or 15 relatives showing up the day you got home from the hospital after giving birth to your second child. #yesthatreallyhappened

So with all of these guests coming and going, I try to keep some essentials on-hand for whatever the occasion may be. I try to be eco-friendly when it comes to these types of shindigs, but let’s be real – the stack of 500 paper plates from Costco comes in quite handy (and saves water from doing the dishes) especially when you know your little nieces and nephews come over for pizza, pj and movie nights.

In order to corral plates, cups, napkins and plasticware all in one place, I devised an easy, bring-it-out-when-you-need-it, store-it-when-you-don’t caddy to carry all the basics and ensure I cover all my bases.

So simple, right? I’m sure you have a tray, bowl, or basket of some kind in your home that you can repurpose to create your own cute caddy. It’s easy on-hand entertaining at its finest! (As long as your guests don’t mind the casual tableware!)