New Beginnings

Hi friends! I’ve been a little MIA lately… apologies, things have been pretty crazy in my world over the last week or so. All very happy things though, I might add. Last week was a huge milestone for my husband — he graduated from dental school! With such a happy occasion, we had visitors from near and far join us for the celebrations. It seems like just yesterday when he got accepted into the program and moved to a new city to begin the four-year journey. And now, he’s done. With dental school completed, it feels like we have a chance at a new beginning. A fresh chapter and a new start. It’s exciting to be at this stage of life, standing by his side. I couldn’t be prouder.

Of course, with graduation comes all kinds of parties and such — and we definitely partied! There’s a part of me that feels as if I graduated too, and in a way, I did. Three years ago, I picked up my life and joined him in a new city to live through this adventure. We planned a wedding, got married, worked hard and held each other up every step of the way. It’s hard to believe the end and the beginning are finally here at the same time. We’ve looked forward to this day for what seems like forever. And now, it’s here.


Immediately following graduation, we hopped on a plane to attend a dear friend’s wedding over Memorial Day weekend. It was certainly a whirlwind — and I didn’t particularly love traveling in my rehearsal dinner dress — but it was all 100% worth it. We arrived just in time for my husband to give his best man speech, toast to the bride and groom, and party with all of our closest friends. Have you seen a more beautiful setting?


We came home just in time to celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary. We were tired and worn out from the travel but this was just not a celebration that we could miss. A nice bottle of pinot grigio over a delicious candlelit dinner… could there be anything better? Oh yes, bling.


Now that we’re home, it’s all setting in. Lots of unknowns and changes on the horizon but there’s something so certain about everything too — it’s incredible walking through life with a partner who makes you a better person, who challenges you every day, who makes you laugh until your sides hurt, and loves you endlessly. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.