Mommy Getaway


The other evening I was lucky enough to be able to leave the kiddos with my hubby and get together with a few mommy friends to plan an upcoming weekend getaway. As part of a trade-off and letting our husbands get to have a guys weekend, we in-turn get to have a kid-free mommy getaway (every now and then).

It used to be a yearly tradition in the fall, but now that summer is right around the corner with school winding down, the summer projects are beginning to pile up. So I’m looking forward to relaxing and listening to the peaceful sounds of music that isn’t the soundtrack for the latest Disney movie.

More importantly, it’s about growing friendships and being able to just be ourselves, before we were wives, homemakers and mommies. Even though you may see it and hear it a lot through our messaging here at Ruthie & Rose, we know the value of a little R&R and how it is not only good for the body, but it’s essential for the heart and soul.

Keep on keeping on today, my friends – it’s nearly Friday!