When Words Won’t Do

Right now I have Taylor Swift’s “22” stuck playing over and over in my head. Only I’m no longer 22 and for me it feels like the perfect night… to write.

Like Laurie, I belong to the club. I became a member when I was 13. Now, 15 years later and with two children of my own, it’s essential to keep my mother’s memory alive and pass down the values she instilled in me to my boys.

My mom loved gardening and she was gifted with a green thumb. When I was little, she would put me to work by pulling weeds in the veggie garden or planting pretty new annuals each spring. Now it’s something engrained in my heart.

I may not be as talented at gardening nor do I have the time necessary to tend to tender veggies (maybe someday) however, I’m a sucker for flowers and I enjoy adding some color to my flower beds. So in loving memory of my mother, we plant new flowers around this time each year.

Having my own children has changed the meaning of Mother’s Day for me. For the first time, my four-year-old was really interested and had the attention span to help with the gardening this year. He really got into it and loved being my “helper.” In teaching him, I see now why my mom did the things she had done for me and my siblings. It was all out of love.

So tomorrow, when words won’t do, I know I’m planting those same values and I pray that my boys will grow up knowing who their grandma was – caring, tender-hearted, generous – a beautiful soul who is surely missed but always celebrated.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all the “moms” in my life.