Hey Hey, It’s Friday!


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Things have been pretty hectic around these parts lately. Both Jessica and I have been beyond swamped with work trips, big events and long to-do lists to help pay the bills. Ya know, that grown-up stuff. Over the last two weeks, I’ve had more events for both work and play than I can even count and my final big project is tomorrow morning. Hallelujah!

While I wish I had more time over the past few weeks to dedicate to R&R, I am so looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and welcoming the weekend. I imagine there will be a giant sigh of relief come Saturday afternoon and I will no doubt head straight for the salon for some much-needed mani/pedi pampering. I can’t wait for some “me” time. And Sunday will be 100% stress-free — sleeping in, cuddling the pup, spending time with the hubs. It’s those little things that I see on the horizon that keep me going.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and a sunny weekend. TGIF, friends! By the way, how darling is that heart print from SS Print Shop? I think I may add some of these beauties to my bedroom gallery wall.