I Put My New Shoes On…


There’s just something about trying on a brand new pair of shoes that makes me feel a little giddy. Happier still when the moment I slip them on and they already feel comfortably broken in. Better yet when I realize I just have to take this perfect pair home with me right then and there.

I recently bought a new pair of shoes. Nothing fancy, just a pair of flats – but they fit perfectly, they’re comfortable and they’re down-right adorable. I don’t know if there is a better shopping experience than a spontaneous shoe find. I was technically shopping for another kind of shoe when I stumbled upon this ballet-like style and it made me feel like doing a little dance.

As a mom in a home filled with boys, I’m accustomed to buying shoes that light up, are blue or have an image of the latest super hero on them. So it’s a little bit of a thrill in my life to splurge a tad on myself and buy a pair that does not have one of those three things involved.

It also reminds me that it’s okay to just be a girly girl sometimes in the midst of all the boyness. What are some of your simple pleasures in life? A pair of new shoes, a deliciously scented candle or the latest home decor magazine? Maybe you bake your own chocolate cake and it’s not your birthday…okay, I’m guilty of that one! Feel free to share, I’d love to hear!