Tribute to the Peony


Happy Friday my friends! The peony is one of our all-time favorite flowers and it is coming into season very soon. I wanted to share a little happiness with you today and thought it most fitting to pay tribute to this beautiful bloom.

If I could have fresh-cut flowers every day, it would be bunches of peonies. I never get tired of admiring their beauty. Whether single stems placed in beachy glass vases like these (so simply gorgeous!) or in large bouquet clusters, the peony is versatile and has such a lovely composition.

{ A few fun facts about the “queen of flowers” }

The peony is known to have medicinal qualities. Peony plants are said to enhance the nervous system of the brain, increase memory power, lower cholesterol and help proper liver function.

Availability – Peonies are available during late spring through early summer, peaking in June. Burgundy peonies are available in November and December.

Vase Life – Approximately 5 days. Peonies last much longer in fresh water than in foam.

Tips – Cut stems under water and place in a solution of warm water and floral preservative. Let blooms hydrate for an hour before placing in cooler water. Buy when buds are fairly tight and showing full color.

What flower would you live with every day? I don’t have a super green thumb (I try) but I just can’t get enough of this blossom and would love to plant some buds in my garden this spring!