My Happy Place

The other day, I shared my love of ginger jars and how excited I am to incorporate these beautiful accessories into our new home (wherever that may be). Another one of my recent home decor obsessions is the beloved reading nook. I’ve never really had a cozy little nook to call my own, even as a child, and I look forward to creating this space in a special corner of our home.

The concept seems so simple yet it can have so many rewards. My own spot to relax and gather my thoughts, write a blog post, read a book, catch up on gossip magazines, call a dear friend or curl up in a comfy blanket and take an afternoon nap. Most of all, it would be my little happy place.

I’m a firm believer in balance — balance between work and family, balance between social time and personal time. With a nice nook to call my own, I’ll be able to focus on keeping the balance in the midst of a busy day, when I’m feeling down or need to unwind, or simply need a little R&R. Something similar to one of these will do just fine.

reading nook 5

reading nook 4

reading nook 3

reading nook 2

reading nook 1