Currently Crushing: Ginger Jars


With my hubby finishing up graduate school this May, there are certainly changes on the horizon. While it’s still very unclear what the plan will be, one thing is for certain — we are getting out of this shoebox apartment. It’s been a great home for us over the past several years and we have made it our home together. We’ve had a lot of wonderful memories in this little place but we’re ready for more room, a yard for the pup and a change of scenery.

And with that comes an entirely new place to decorate. Commence happy dance! I have had my eyes set on some great pieces to add to our living room and I know we’ll likely make some important furniture purchases as well but I’m mostly excited for the accessories. Let’s be honest — what girl isn’t?!

I’ve seen some beautiful photos lately of ginger jars on display and they are just so gorgeous. With their classic appeal fused with modern patterns, textures and playful vignettes, it’s easy to see them fitting into our next home. So far, my favorites are these from Z Gallerie, One Kings Lane, C. Wonder and Williams-Sonoma. I think I can easily find a place for these in our new home… it’s going to be hard to pick just one! Do you have any ginger jars in your home? How do you style them?

  • Carroll

    How exciting! Decorating a new place is so fun!! :) Love the blue and white ginger jar inspiration, too!

    • The ginger jars are just so perfect for making a statement while sticking with a traditional, classic look. Glad you like them!

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