Be Mine Valentine


Today is a day about love – most people think of it as a day for romance, flowers and chocolate from their sweetheart. I think of this day as a reminder of all the blessings in my life.


For me, it’s not about getting flowers – while I love flowers and they’re beautiful, I would rather spend time together with my hubby laughing and getting to have a real conversation that isn’t about the house, finances or kiddos.


Now while I also love chocolate – (like my homemade fudgy brownies) instead of the typical truffles, I would rather have the chance to bake a delicious treat with my 4 year-old where he wants to lick the bowl and ends up getting a dollop of dough on his little nose in the process.


Make your own Valentine’s Day special and spend quality time with the ones you love – whether it’s family, gal pals or a special someone. That’s what matters to me the most on this lovely little holiday! (Although a little chocolate never hurt anyone!)