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We’re very excited to have our good friends, Sarah and Casey, from Real Suburbia today on R&R – and boy, are they sharing a super special treat that you can make for your very own Valentine!


Hi there! We are Sarah and Casey from Real Suburbia. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We are so happy to be contributing to Ruthie & Rose. We wanted to come up with something special and just in time for the romantic holiday! What’s better than marshmallows, Nutella and peanut butter chocolate coating? Yeah, we couldn’t come up with anything either.

This is a recipe that we came across on the all amazing Pinterest. Amiyrah over at 4Hats & Frugal came up with this delicious Nutella marshmallow recipe. We decided to try it out and give it a Valentine’s Day makeover. This recipe will be perfect for the loves in your life, or just to keep all for yourself. Either way, you will thoroughly enjoy this recipe.

Originally we thought that making marshmallows would be a lot harder than it was. Amiyrah made great instructions and we were able to make it without a hassle. We will definitely be making it again.


Add water to the gelatin and allow to sit and thicken.


Heat up corn syrup mixture for about 3-4 minutes or until candy thermometer reaches 240 degrees.


Add the heated corn syrup mixture to the gelatin and mix on high speed for 15 minutes, or until light and fluffy.


Add the Nutella and mix again.


Scrape the batter into a lined pan. You can also spray and coat the bottom of the pan with cornstarch and powdered sugar.


Adding the waxed paper to the pan was our friend Adrian’s idea and we fully support doing this just because it makes things easier in the long run. You will be able to pull out the marshmallows once they set without trying to separate them from the pan.



Once we got it in the pan we sprinkled the cornstarch and powdered sugar mixture over the top which will help it from being overly sticky at the end.




After 4 – 12 hours of allowing the batter to set and the marshmallows to come alive we cut it into squares with a oiled knife. It is important to spray the knife, otherwise it will stick to it.


Look at all the puffy goodness. They were so good!


Once we had them set and cut we dipped them in our chocolate fondue pot (Recipe follows) If you are using a fondue be careful not to touch the bottom as it will melt the marshmallow (same with a double boiler keep away from the sides).



We laid them on wax paper and allowed them to cool. Shake sprinkles if desired before the chocolate hardens.




These literally melt in your mouth, and they taste a lot better than the store bought ones. It is definitely something everyone should try at least once in their lives!

For the full Marshmallow recipe click here.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coating Recipe:

– 1 cup melting chocolate (also called coating chocolate, this melts easier and adds a shine when melted)
– 1 Cup Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips (or more!)
– Sprinkles

Note: If you use equal parts of the two chocolates it will be easier to dip and coat the marshmallows. If you use more of the chocolate chips the consistency may be thicker and harder to dip. Be sure to stir it well together, the consistency should slide off your spoon smoothly. You can really use any amount of either, as long as it is close to equal. If you just use melting chocolate it tends to be less chocolate flavor. The peanut butter chips made it such a good combination.

Melt the two chocolates together using a double boiler, or a fondue melting set (which is what we did). Mix them together until you get a smooth shiny glaze. The glaze should drip easily off of the spoon. Dip the marshmallows into the chocolate and set on wax paper to cool. While the glaze is cooling shake sprinkles onto the chocolate. Allow to cool for 15-20 minutes or until firm.

Our families loved them, and it made so many! (Over 30 good sized rectangles.) You could definitely add some food coloring to make them fitting for any holiday theme and if you refrigerate them, they’ll keep for up to three weeks. I don’t think we’ll go back to buying marshmallows after such a great recipe. Be sure to lick the beaters for a taste test!

  • Amiyrah

    Oh my gosh! I’m so honored that you ladies tried my recipe. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day…and your marshmallows.

    • Casey

      We loved them! Your recipe was so easy to follow and it will definitely be a go-to!

    • We can’t wait to try them ourselves!!