Cold Days & Blustery Nights


TGIF my friends! Perhaps you got a blanket of snow this week, or maybe a light dusting, or maybe like me where you got something you never even heard before – graupel (precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on a falling snowflake, forming a 2–5 mm ball of rime – aka ice pellets.)

Sorry – I’m sort of a weather nerd, in case you haven’t noticed. Anywho – I’m feeling so much better than how my week had started (thanks for your get well-wishes!) and I’m planning on staying in and doing a little simple entertaining.

It’s as easy as chocolate pie: (that reminds me – I need to pick up a chocolate pie!)

– Invite over a few friends (gal pals!)

– Ask each to bring their favorite wine (red, white or bubbly)

– Round up a few finger foods (frozen appetizers can make for quick and easy delectables)

– Rent the latest chick flick on Netflix or Amazon

Now here’s the kicker – buy a super soothing, ultra restoring facial mask (like one by Colleen Rothschild Beauty that we’ve featured this week!)

In just under an hour’s time, you’ve created a girls night in, a wine tasting, movie premiere and spa experience – all at once! Your friends will thank you (because you are fabulous!)

So, take the glamour off from the day and relax with some good company and good wine and begin your weekend by staying warm and enjoying your beautiful self from the inside and out!

  • Carroll

    What a great girls’ night in!! So great to meet y’all yesterday! :)

    • Likewise!! What a fun day… We must do it again soon! xo