Inner Beauty

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We’ve been talking a lot about beauty lately – from lip balms and skincare products, jewelry to fashion. These are, after all, a few of our favorite things and make us feel – well, as Shania puts it, “man, I feel like a woman.”

And with all of these lovely products, tips and regimens, it makes me think of what really counts. We all want to look beautiful, and we all know it’s your inner beauty that counts. But sometimes when you’re under the weather, isn’t it just the best when you feel beautiful?

I’ve been ill the last few days and let’s just say, I haven’t looked or felt very pretty. Wearing pajamas all day and not wearing an ounce of makeup can be quite freeing. We all have those days. However, it can also make you feel less than desirable.

If you feel too weak to put on the rouge, or too tired to run a comb through your tresses, I’m offering a few simple tips so that even when you’re not functioning at your usual 110%, you can at least feel like you’re getting back to your normal, beautiful self.


1. A smile goes a long way. Smiling really can improve your physical health. Your body is more relaxed when you smile, which contributes to good health and a stronger immune system.

2. Add a colorful scarf. Wearing something bright will take the focus off your face, which is especially helpful when you may have dark circles from lack of sleep. Try this one by Three Birds Nest.

3. Sip on some tea (or coffee or soup or anything hot). I do enjoy a steamy cup of green tea and it does wonders to soothe your soul as well as your tummy.

4. Listen to some of your favorite, feel-good tunes. When I was little, my mom used to tell me, “You’re only sick if you think you’re sick.” A very powerful little statement and it has influenced my thoughts and attitude when I’m not feeling well. Music is known to be an influencer on your mood, so crank up a little Buble (or whatever floats your boat!).

5. Bring on the bubbles. After a long day and still getting back to feeling better, a bubble bath does just the right thing for soothing sore, achy muscles as well as relaxing the mind. One of my favorite soaks is the Aromatherapy line from Bath & Body Works.

I plan on trying all of these things today in order to get my sassy side back as well as helping me feel just a little more beautiful. Check back in tomorrow to get some of Colleen’s special skincare secrets!

  • Carroll

    What a great list! Hope you feel better soon. :)