Skincare Secrets via Colleen Rothschild Beauty: Part 1

If you’re like me, you are probably still looking for those swear-by skincare products that leave your skin healthy, smooth, soft and clear. Throughout my 20s, I’ve experienced changes to my skin and experimented with different cleansers, moisturizers, masks, treatments and more to find and maintain a regimen that works for me. Thankfully, R&R has partnered with a beautiful new skincare line to share some of their products and secrets from the brand’s president and founder herself, Colleen Rothschild. Today, we’re sharing the first of this two-part skincare series.


As Colleen so perfectly puts it, “How and when did skincare start to feel like dieting?” With so many options out there, it’s really hard to know what works best for my skin. I’ve struggled with dryness, blemishes and more — and the truth is, I’ve never had an education on what type of products I need to incorporate into my routine. That’s why I love Colleen Rothschild Beauty so much. Not only does Colleen have immense experience in the industry, but she’s clearly dedicated to “creating a collection for everything you need.” She cares about bringing the real science into long-lasting skincare instead of simply promoting the fad products and ingredients of today. Learn more about the passion and philosophy behind her products here.

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The brand officially launched a couple of weeks ago and I’ve since tried out a few of the products — and fallen in love fast. But before I get into the reviews, can I just say how adorable the packaging is? There is branding stamped inside the shipment box. And let’s be honest… blush pink tissue paper? OMG YES. And sealed with the most perfect little sticker too! The packaging doesn’t end there. There really isn’t a single step that was missed. The individual product packaging is just as gorgeous as the big box it comes in. Each product package is embossed with the brand’s logo and then lined with pink — it really is so perfect! Here’s what was inside…

Radiant Cleansing Balm // Dual Enzyme Polish // Face Oil No. 9 // Restorative Hand Cream

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Each product comes with a great info card that shares ingredients, uses and a fun tip from Colleen. These certainly helped me get started! I have to admit that because of my lack of knowledge on most skincare products, I am oftentimes overwhelmed. But these tip cards aren’t written in industry terms and instead show how the products can apply to your everyday life, making them much more approachable to women just like me.

1. First and foremost, I am absolutely obsessed with the Restorative Hand Cream. The scents of lavender and vanilla are so calming. It’s very smooth and not greasy — it feels like I just got a manicure! And I love that you can use it on dry cuticles too. What a fun tip, especially as the winter months wind down.

2. The second product I tried out was the Dual Enzyme Polish. I’m pretty good at cleansing and moisturizing my face but I rarely exfoliate. Yet I love facial masks that leave your skin feeling both exfoliated and deeply cleansed. To me, this is the perfect combo. I’ll be adding this to my bedtime regimen about 1-2 times a week.

3. The Radiant Cleansing Balm and Face Oil No. 9 were the final two products that I tried. The balm info card instructed me to not wet my face before using it. While at first, I was a bit uncertain how that would cleanse my skin, it really worked and removed all of my make-up too. I followed it up with the oil. Note: This was my first time ever using a facial oil and I loved it! Because my skin tends to be on the dry side, this is the ultimate moisturizer. My skin just soaked it up! I especially love how luxurious the oil feels — it smells divine and reminds me of the spa! I’ll be using this duo every day from here on out.

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That’s all for part one of this collaboration with Colleen Rothschild Beauty… Stay tuned on Thursday as Colleen shares a few of her secret skincare tips!

Disclaimer: This is not an ad for Colleen Rothschild Beauty.
Thoughts and opinions on these products are my own.