Mom’s Recipes: Taco Dip

I never met one of my mom’s meals that I didn’t like. And while I have very fond memories of delicious home-cooked meals and eating dinner together as a family, one of my absolute favorite recipes is her famous taco dip. Seems simple but this appetizer takes your average seven-layer dip to a whole new level.

As a child, we enjoyed this dip at Thanksgiving, family get-togethers and parties, and it was something that everyone always looked forward to. Her taco dip reminds me of so many happy memories and I feel blessed to be able to share her recipe with you today. I just loved making this in the kitchen with her. Easy to put together and full of flavor, this dip is the ultimate snack — and perfect for those days when all you can think about is food and football. Did someone say Superbowl?

taco dip

Here’s what you need… Simply layer these in the order listed (bean dip on the bottom, working your way to the top) and you’re done! I tend to use an 8×12 Pyrex, as it’s easy to transport to the living room or your friend’s house.

– 1 can of Frito’s bean dip
– 1 small can of chopped green chilies
– 1 pint of sour cream
– 1 package of Lawry’s taco seasoning mix
– 2 small cans of black olives
– Chopped green scallions
– Chopped tomatoes
– Guacamole (fresh or frozen)
– Shredded cheddar cheese

Serve with some crispy, crunchy tortilla chips and you’re set. I go for the scoop chips these days — it helps you get all the layers into every bite! I hope this delicious dish becomes a tradition in your home and a recipe that you make for family and friends for years to come. Happy snacking!

  • fromproseccotoplaid

    YES. Sounds amazing!!! I need to try this. xo, Julie

    • Thanks! It’s so simple and always a fan favorite. Let us know how you like it!