Dream Trips

I love to travel. Everything from the tiny shampoo bottles, to the plane rides, to exploring new sights, sounds and cities. With a busy family of four though, I don’t get to travel often. And so I dream.

It’s been a dream of my husband and I to take a few weeks and head off to Europe. I took Italian in college and it was always the plan to study abroad. That dream didn’t happen for me during those years, but we’ve come to a new realization that as the boys get older, we will save up for a fabulous trip and discover Tuscany together.

Among Italy, we dream of getting to explore the castles of Scotland and the Tower of London. I don’t know when exactly this grand trip will take place, but someday in the near future. We have other goals and priorities currently, but it is fun to wish and hope, to plan and dream of a magical getaway.

Where is your dream getaway?