Birthday Wishes


Yesterday was a special day for me. Celebrating a birthday is always a blessing and with each year, as I get older, I seem to always set new goals and dreams. I tend to ask myself – what do I want this year to mean to me? And how do I want to bless others with that?

This year, I want to be love. I want to practice unconditional love in my marriage for my husband, love in having more patience for my children and love for me by taking better care of myself and understanding and knowing that when I do take care of myself, I’ll be able to do that much better at taking care of my family. This fits right in with my take on do what you love and love what you do. And I started practicing loving myself the evening before my birthday. I did a DIY mani and it was all about gold and glittery sparkles!


No breakfast in bed (hopefully this Saturday!) but after getting to work, my morning started off with several beautiful bouquets of flowers on my desk – say what I will about my job, but there’s no doubt I have the most wonderful co-workers!


Google even celebrated my birthday!! (However did they know?!)


What’s a birthday without birthday cake? (I got to choose my favorite – cheesecake!) And yes, that’s two cheesecakes you see there…what? Not everyone likes theirs with chocolate and pecans. It was beyond delicious!

I then spent the evening with my hubby who took me out to see a movie (something we rarely do these days). The birthday celebrations continue throughout this weekend with both sides of my family. So as I look forward to more cake (yes, I love chocolate cake too) and spending time with my boys and family and good friends, I reflect on this past year and also dream of this coming year. I will strive to be love and let the love light shine.

  • Carroll

    Happy Birthday!!! I’m so glad you got to celebrate in such a special way and how fun that the celebration continues! :)

    • Thanks Carroll! You are too sweet!! Certainly looking forward to a fun-filled weekend surrounded by family and friends ♡♥♡