Currently Crushing: Carbs

cookie tower

It’s funny because as I sit here writing this post, I’m full from a delicious, healthy Greek salad with a side of beef skewers that my hubby so sweetly picked up for me while I was at Zumba tonight. But lately, all I can think about is carbs. From chips and salsa to pasta to cupcakes with cream cheese frosting to the biggest plate of nachos on the planet, I want all the carbs.

Where is this coming from? I have no idea. Nearly 30 pounds lost and I’m suddenly in dire need of all things terrible for me. I think the holidays did it to me, ya know. All the celebratory feasts, indulgence, cheat meals… I’m fighting this urge to go down all of the aisles of the grocery store instead of sticking to the produce, dairy and healthy options.

Yet I keep reminding myself of the balance of this lifestyle and think that maybe it’s okay to have these moments — all within reason. I’ve been allowing myself to get away with a bite-size candy here and there or a handful of pretzels in the lunchroom at work. Perhaps it’s because I just finished my biggest project of the year. Or maybe because I was stressed beyond belief. Or because I just wanted some treats. Whatever the reason may be, it’s time to hold myself accountable. As I’ve continued to remind myself since my weight loss journey began nearly 9 months ago, I have to be my biggest cheerleader.

I think the reason for this carb crush is that I’m finally comfortable. I am proud of my weight loss, happy with my current size and feeling strong. I still make my way to Zumba three to four days a week, despite wanting to crash on the couch and order a pizza. Instead of giving in to the desire for breakfast tacos on Saturday morning, I grab a yogurt and get on with my day. I’m maintaining.

So wish me luck as I conquer this crush without caving! Any tricks to pushing through?

  • Brittany Belling

    I’m obsessed with carbs. We’re on a real food diet and only eat wheat, sometimes I’d kill for a piece of white bread or some regular pasta! You probably want carbs to fuel you after workouts. If you really need to splurge try making a small batch of your favorite cookies with white whole wheat flour, you’ll be full much faster so you won’t be tempted to eat all of them!

    • Carbs are just SO GOOD, right!? I still eat natural carbs and incorporate lots of protein into my diet to fuel my workouts. It’s all a balance for sure… thanks for the tips! :)