Anniversary Keepsakes

When my husband and I got married, we had quite a smorgasbord of home decor. Mix-matched couches, odds and ends that we had but didn’t really go together. Some feminine, some masculine. I’ve shared our decor journey to make our little place a home — incorporating our married monogram and sweet memories — and it’s been fun to find treasures that we both love.

One of the traditions in our marriage that we decided early on revolves around travel and anniversaries. On our honeymoon, we found a beautiful, bright piece of art that we immediately knew we needed in our home. With vibrant turquoise and colors of a Hawaiian sunset, the piece was one-of-a-kind and the perfect reminder of our island time. It didn’t necessarily fit with the rest of our warm Pottery Barn-esque decor but we knew we had to have it. After shipping it from Maui to Texas, we chose a clean white matte and thick white frame. It’s now one of our absolutely favorite pieces and hangs in the hall bath with hints of turquoise, coral and white throughout the space.


We celebrated our first anniversary in New York City and followed it up with a few days of R&R in Southampton, a spot that we visit every summer with my in-laws and extended family. There’s a lot of history that’s near and dear to my husband’s heart and by extension, it’s become a very special place for us. So it was a natural fit to find our first anniversary keepsake in Southampton last May. A simple pegboard that doubles as a coat rack by our back door, it reminds us of the seaside town that we love so much. (Please excuse the dark, fuzzy photo… There’s not much light down there!)


And as our second anniversary approaches in just a few months, I know it will be quite the celebration. This year on our anniversary weekend, my husband graduates from dental school. It’s the same weekend as his best friend’s wedding. It’s going to have so much more meaning to us. We have plans to travel in the summer to Mexico with family and I’m already excited to see what keepsake we’ll bring back with us. After all, these little treasures are what make our house a home.

Do you have any special traditions for your anniversary?