6 Months


The past six months have been filled with laughter, joy, tears, pain, excitement, sleeplessness – all expected when a bouncing baby boy enters your life. I’m a little at a loss right now though as this little guy turned six months old over the weekend.

Where did the time go? Granted, six months, in the grand scheme of things, is not a lot of time. My oldest is four – his baby book still has empty pages waiting to be filled. (That’s another post for another time.)

Little ones change so much within the first six months of life and there are so many wonderful firsts. First smiles, first laugh, first little coos. My little man’s personality is definitely beginning to show.

My hubby and I had a moment over the weekend when the baby grabbed my eldest’s shirt with a death grip and I had to gently pry his tiny hand away. He had the most mischievous grin on his little face and we both knew, at that moment, we were in-for-it with two boys.

I could just picture the scene where a toddler destroys a project that a proud Kindergartener just finished. Or fighting over toys, or arguing about which movie they want to watch. The wrestling. The all-assumed broken vase from the wrestling.

“This is why we don’t have nice things!” Yeah, I can see myself saying that five years from now.

Sigh. Well, for now – can you both just stay this little and have moments like these? Thanks, boys. Mommy appreciates it!


Next time I blink, he’ll turn one-year old. Just watch! For now, I’ll cherish times like these in my heart forever.