Mid-Week Inspiration


Most people have either seen, read or heard this phrase. It’s been used by bosses to uplift their employees and it’s been made as a print to inspire the self-starter. And it’s also all over Pinterest

It means different things to different people.

The meaning of the message may be considered a rarity in this world, and you may initially think it’s an impossibility. However, I think it’s all about one’s attitude. Let me explain.

This week, although barely halfway through, has been challenging – to say the least. Challenging personally in juggling a family of four’s schedules, emotionally with learning about a new job change for the hubby and professionally by working on a project outside of my comfort zone.

Some people are fortunate to actually do what they love for a living. But the phrase – do what you love and love what you do – does not imply that you must do what you love for a living or that you somehow must be successful in doing what you love – monetarily speaking or otherwise. It does not even suggest that you must be good at what you love to do.

So here’s a little secret. Just do it. But do it with love.

It may be cooking a homemade meal for your family. It may be creating new trades on the stock market. It may be serving meals to those less fortunate. It may be winning that next big business contract. It may be writing a blog…

Whatever it is that you do – do it with love. And out of love, your attitude will shine through. Love implies passion. Love implies care. Love implies that your heart is in it.

Whatever you do today – at your work, school, home or volunteer position – do it with love.