Favorites: Trish McEvoy


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Every girl loves her makeup. There’s something so special about getting dolled up and putting on a fresh face. I’ve never been one to try out different brands or have a massive makeup collection, mostly because of my sensitive skin. I always find what works and stick with it.

And that’s why I am so in love with Trish McEvoy. About 10 or so years ago, my aunt gifted me the most beautiful Trish McEvoy makeup book to hold all of my pretty makeup things. With pages and compartments and zippers and all, the book was perfect for keeping everything neat and organized (you know how much I love that) while also making it easy to transport for weekend getaways and vacations.

That love has continued well into my adulthood and nearly all of my makeup routine revolves around Trish. Her makeup line is soft and easy on the skin yet has shimmers, incorporates bold, beautiful shades and offers perfect combinations for seasonal looks. But the basics are what I love the most. I start off with the correct and brighten pen on my facial lines, around my nose, chin and any blemish areas then apply the flawless concealer under my eyes and dab some primer on my lids. I follow that up with some pressed powder and the bronzer/blush combo that gives you the most natural glow.

Of course, I’ve invested in a newer, bigger planner and have filled it with all kinds of other goodies that I know and love — including the mascara, various eyeshadow shades, brow gel, shimmer powder, lip colors, brushes and more. They also carry the most delicious smelling candles and fragrances. Can you tell I’m a fan?

There are some other brands that I use in my routine but the majority of makeup choices I make are with Trish McEvoy in mind. I’m thankful for my healthy skin and the beauty of this brand. A friend of mine once said that if it makes life a little bit easier, then it is likely worth the money. And while that doesn’t apply to all of my choices in life, it certainly applies here. I make the investment in my makeup knowing that it provides so much in return. Trish McEvoy sticks with the basics that we use every day while offering new, pretty items throughout the year. It’s long-lasting and reliable. It’s my favorite.

What are some of your favorite makeup must-haves?