Freezer Cooking with The Pioneer Woman


I woke up this past Saturday morning and my hubby had the channel on Food Network’s The Pioneer Woman. A fan I have always been – however, this episode happened to change our lives, so to speak. This was the first time the hubs had been introduced to Ree and (like most men, I would think) he fell for her homestyle cooking.

Even more so, this episode showcased meals that you could easily freeze for quick weeknight meals with little clean up. (I loved the sound of that!) So we decided to give it a try and it turned out great!

Check out the recipes and more info on The Pioneer Woman’s take on freezer cooking. A little prep and a lot of fun, freezer cooking is all about time management.


Sour cream noodle bake – so easy, I cooked it in two pots and it made three casseroles!


Chicken Pot Pie – we made three of these and had one for dinner last night – delicious!


Last but not least – carrot soup. This made two dinner portions!

We still had ingredients to make another two dinners worth, but that recipe will have to come another day. I was exhausted after spending all afternoon (and part of the evening) in the kitchen. But I think it will be totally worth it at the end of the day when I can simply go to my freezer for a quick and easy dinner!

  • Amy Colliander Henning

    Pot pie freezes great! I always make at least 2 when I cook them! I will have to try the noodle dish!