DIY: Chalk Board Paint


A little experiment I’ve always wanted to try – using chalk board paint to turn any surface into a usable piece of playful art.

I’ve seen a lot of ideas on Pinterest of how to make your actual own chalk board paint, (which I’ll have to try at some point) but for now, going with a pint from my local hardware store will do. I’ve also seen numerous uses of this creative medium on very large surfaces such as refridgerator doors, walls, etc. However, I much prefer it in small doses.

Here are a few oh-so-simple, do it in an afternoon crafts that can turn your items into a fun and creative outlet that let’s you customize with a little stick of chalk.


Paint the interior of a picture frame and you have an instant canvas for dinner menus, to-do lists or honey-do chores.


Cover the top of a simple Lack side table (IKEA for $7.99) and give your child the creative freedom to draw to their hearts content!


This fantastic idea for using the interior of your kitchen cabinets comes from the very cute and clever Rusted Treasure.

I can’t wait to try out some of these projects in this new year. All are simple and fairly easy to accomplish in one afternoon (while the baby takes a nap). I know my four-year-old would love to help paint that darling side table. The best part is these projects are not just pretty, but you turn ordinary space into something functional and fun!