2014: Planning Ahead

2014 planner

I have a pretty big obsession with office supplies and organization. There’s just something so comforting about having a special place for everything. With busy schedules, work obligations, blogger coffee dates, family time and all of the birthdays, weddings, travel plans and events in between — all while making time for laundry, dinner and “me” time — the amount of planning that goes into life can be pretty exhausting.

Over the past several years, I’ve explored different options to help all of this seem a little less overwhelming and to help me keep track of the weekly agenda. In 2012, I purchased a beautiful, personalized Erin Condren planner and sadly never used it. And in 2013, I relied solely on my iPhone calendar and digital reminders.

Yet as 2014 approached, I knew I had to find an agenda that was perfect for my purse so I could carry it every day and hold myself more accountable. There are so many pretty “life planner” options. And the great part about these agendas is that they really do help you plan your life. From weekly meal planning to daily to-dos, notes and sections for important emails, addresses and phone numbers, these life planners are the perfect (most adorable) companions to staying organized. And while perusing the Target aisles prior to the holidays, I stumbled upon the Sugar Paper line. A sucker for anything sparkly, I quickly fell head over heels for the entire collection. It was perfection. The agendas, notepads and calendars were just what I needed in my life to get organized and plan ahead for 2014.

I spent the first day of 2014 writing down loved ones’ birthdays, weddings and special occasions to note throughout the upcoming year. I jotted down anniversaries and big moments to look forward to. And I got so, so excited. And isn’t that exactly what the New Year is all about? Starting fresh. Looking forward. Planning ahead. As I ease into the year, I feel organized and ready. How are you planning in 2014?