Notes for the New Year


This past weekend, I was sitting with my boys just taking in the moment and thinking about everything we did as a family over the holiday break…

Conner saw his first movie at the theater – complete with popcorn and Icees.

Jason and I got not one, but two date nights – something so rare.

Eli’s first Christmas. His little smiles just melt my heart.

A weekend getaway with the family where Conner got to splash in mud puddles and just be a kid.

Getting to see family who met Eli for the first time.

…So many good things.

I keep a journal and detail memories, experiences and the growth of our little family. Usually, when the New Year rolls around, I tend to look back and read some of my entries from the past year.

As a working mommy, wife and homemaker, I often collapse into bed in the evenings too tired to write about the day. Instead, I end up jotting down little thoughts here and there on scrap pieces of paper in hopes of journaling about it later.

Now, for 2014, I plan to make a new tradition by taking all those little pieces of paper – a thought, experience, something funny that Conner said and capture all the moments in a glass jar. That way, when 2015 comes around, I can pull out the notes and relive the good memories with my family.

What an exciting New Year it will be!