Tribute to Tartan


Aaaaah…it’s Friday. After another long week, I’m ready for some down-time, me-time and as always a little R&R with family and friends.

As a festive classic for the holidays, we must pay tribute to the Tartan fabric. It’s rich history in culture runs deep and has been a feature of fashion since the fifteenth century.

According to the history of the Tartan, in 1538, King James V, the father of Mary Queen of Scots, purchased ‘three ells of Heland Tartan’. However, the name seems to have applied to a type and quality of cloth rather than to a design, a usage that had changed gradually by the eighteenth century. You can read more about the history here.

From the red carpet and catwalks to fashion bloggers and sidewalks, Tartan is certainly versatile.

Tartan Print

Negin Mirsalehi


Princess Kate has rocked the look in recent past as well.

I love the fabrics and different textures that Tartan offers. I own several pieces in my closet that pay tribute to the centuries old tradition and I’m sure the fashion world will continue to honor this timeless classic for more to come!

How do you rock the Tartan look? We’d love to hear about it!