Serve it Up – Buffet Style

buffet kirklands

Ever since we moved into our home (over two years ago), I have been window shopping for my dream buffet table to go in the formal dining room. We own a lovely little hutch – which is mostly filled with wedding gifts; but after inheriting my mother’s fine china and my grandmother’s serving dishes, it has become quite crowded and needless to say the beautiful vintage pieces deserve a home of their own.

I’ve obviously taken my time to find just the right piece. Not too large, something unique, perhaps a little modern-vintage in style with plenty of storage space and glass in the doors – if that’s not too much to ask…

There are several that I am quickly falling in love with – each a little different, but all beautiful! What do you think?


buffet 3


buffet pier1

Pier 1

I think this one may be my favorite! Which would you choose?