Finally Home

Baby Ward

We just got home from visiting my new little nephew at the hospital. He was born yesterday and is a sweet, healthy baby boy. Seeing the tiny infants in the nursery reminded me of where I was just four short months ago. My sister-in-law had my same doctor, same hospital and even the exact same post-partum recovery room!

I was having flashbacks of my labor and delivery and re-felt the emotions of becoming a mommy all over again. Happiness. Relief. Joy. Exhaustion. And then I felt gratefulness and thankfulness. Thankful for both of my boys and for how healthy and happy they are.

And when I sat down to write, a video on Yahoo’s homepage caught my eye – Dad Films Premature Son’s Miraculous First Year. I have been blessed to have gone through two full-term pregnancies and this video reminded me of the importance of being thankful for the little things, such as our health.

It’s these little things that can be so easy to take for granted and for me, they end up being little things that mean the most in life. This Thanksgiving season, my heart is full – my family and my faith are what keep me going. It’s what I am thankful for.