Deck the Halls: Holiday Entryway

I love a well-styled entryway year round but it’s especially sweet to add those special touches during the holidays. Styling your entryway to fit the season is such a fun way to festively welcome family and friends to your home.

It’s easy to fall in love with the holidays — the glitter and sparkle, ribbons and holiday wreaths, peppermint brittle, pumpkin spiced lattes, cinnamon candles, cuddly blankets, flannel pjs, pea coats and plaid scarves… the list goes on. And what better way to experience the warmth and joy of the holidays than right when you step foot in the door?

Since we got married nearly a year and a half ago, our house has become quite cozy and classic while sticking to our budget. The same can be said during the holidays. No need to spend lots of money on festive decor when you can really make a statement while spending minimal dollars.

We have a small entryway that is no more than a few steps in and a few steps to the left. So, I’ve really tried to utilize the space as best I can. There’s really only room for one piece of furniture; so we opted for a glass console table with metallic legs and two shelves, giving us plenty of storage and room to display our favorite things. One of the best items we registered for (and I’m so, so happy we did) is a set of over-sized apothecary jars (similar to these). I remember someone saying “what on earth are you going to do with those” and although I didn’t have the answer, I knew they were meant to be in my life. Turns out, I was right!


They sit on our entryway console and are the perfect containers for seasonal decor. I found some beautiful metallic ornaments that add some sparkle to the entryway and are festive without being overkill. Of course since I tend to gravitate toward metallics anyway, I have a pair of heavy silver candlestick holders that we keep on the console table as well. I change out the candlesticks seasonally and during the holidays, I use glittery gold tall candlesticks as not only a festive addition to the entryway but also a great way to add some height to the space. Because we have such a small entryway, there’s really not much else that’s needed to make it cheerful for the holidays.


By the way, see that little plate in front of the candlesticks? That’s our wedding invitation… ON A PLATE! How cool is that? Great way to enjoy your wedding invitation for years while having it on display. It’s sitting next to our wedding album and my bridal book. So with just the addition of the glittery candlesticks and shiny ornaments, we have truly decked the halls. How do you decorate your entryway for the holidays?