Wintry Beach Day


So we took a little drive on Tuesday down to the coast. While we were officially heading out on business, the three hour drive ended up being the perfect opportunity for Jess and me to catch up about life and love. We rarely have time just the two of us. Either our husbands are around, we’re with other friends or family, or I’m cuddling Jessica’s adorable boys. So it was nice to get away and have some girl time.

But the best part of the whole trip was our 10-minute stop at the beach. The smell of the salty air, the crisp wind, the sound of the crashing waves… complete stillness. We drove up on the sand and sat in the car, facing the ocean. Car and radio off. Windows down. I sat there thinking to myself how peaceful that moment was. In the hustle and bustle of our crazy busy lives, we were able to take a moment to breathe and appreciate the sand, the sun, the frothy bubbling tide and the joy of being able to experience that with a close friend.

We all take beach vacations during the summertime and there’s no doubt that I love a good tan, but there’s something extra special about bundling up in a cozy sweater and standing by the sea. On the drive home yesterday afternoon, I felt much more at ease. I guess that’s what the ocean is meant to do though, right? Its job is to soothe the senses and give you a chance to relax.

I’m thankful for that breath of fresh air (literally). I feel rejuvenated, re-energized, renewed… and all it took was 10 chilly minutes on the beach. Maybe it’s a metaphor to take some time every day for a little sigh of relief and reflection. Or maybe it’s a sign that we are usually just too busy to appreciate what’s sitting right in front of us. Either way, I think it’s clear that we all deserve a little sunshine bouncing off the waves to bring a little sparkle and warmth to our days, even in the winter. Have a great day, loves!