Finding the Balance

Yesterday, Jessica and I were chatting about something completely unrelated to R&R when it dawned on me that something special was happening in that very moment. Life is all about balance. Whether at home or work, with family or friends, the people you surround yourself with have more of an effect on you than you may realize.

It’s no secret that Jessica is sweeter than I am. She’s more thoughtful, more kind, more calm and more positive. I tend to be more feisty, more outspoken, more assertive and more tough. But our personalities work well together. Why? Because we balance each other out. And that’s what friends should do, right? I could use a little more sweet and she could use a little more fierce.

And the same can be said of me and my husband. While we are similar in so many ways, we really couldn’t be more different. He’s calm, rational, proactive instead of reactive, and although he may not agree with something, he’s usually willing to compromise. I can be completely irrational, rarely have calm moments, and often (okay, always) think I’m right. But the balance is what makes it all work. He’s my better half and as we’ve grown together, so have our personalities.

Jessica said that you unknowingly take characteristics from the five or six people you are closest to (or something to that effect) and well, that couldn’t be more true — especially for me. Now that November has begun, I wanted to take a moment to be thankful. From my closest friends to my dearest family, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. And I am grateful every day for the love, encouragement and balance that they provide to my life.

Have a very happy weekend, loves!