Taking a Leap of Faith


When Jessica and I started Ruthie & Rose, we knew we wanted to include a space for the little things. Whether about family or friends, being a mommy or a newlywed, or sharing something special about our mothers, we needed a spot dedicated to our personal stories. And I think that’s one of the most important parts of having a blog–making it personal. What good is what we share if you don’t really even know who we are? So this weekend I wanted to take the opportunity to share a sweet and poignant moment in my life that happened this past week.

A couple of years ago, I made the move to a new city. I was saying goodbye to my familiar place… my friends, family, job that I loved. My home. And as with any big change, it took time to get adjusted. I was out of my element and my comfort zone but knew it was the right decision. We slowly made our house a home, discovered our favorite spots, joined a gym… ya know, found our place. Things were starting to feel more settled.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday: the moment that proved that everything happens for a reason. Moving to a new city two years ago, I started over. New city, new job, new life. I took a chance. I followed my heart instead of my head. I made choices that not everyone agreed with. I made my decision and ran with it. And this week, it all paid off. It made me appreciate the journey. And I was finally able to take a moment to feel proud and happy.

I’m not one to take big leaps of faith. But through this experience, I’ve found that trusting your instincts and going with your gut isn’t so bad after all. Life is an exciting book and each of us can write it in our own words. Who knows where the next chapter will take us, but I certainly hope it includes some glittery balloons.