Family Fun Night


We often host impromptu family get-togethers in our home and now having two little ones, it’s simpler to gather everyone at our place versus packing up the car with the kids and the kitchen sink. It is not uncommon to have upwards of twelve to sixteen people over at once!

Because of the (oftentimes) large crowds, we try to find entertainment for both kids and adults. The kiddos and their cousins get along well and they tend to make their way into the play room and go on all kinds of imaginary adventures. This allows the adults to have a little fun playing a game!

Typically, our family plays card games; however, we decided to venture out and came across a super fun and easy game that gets everyone engaged without having to worry about following lots of rules.

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Game night can always be more fun with some frothy cocktails! Here’s a recipe that perfectly complements this laugh-out-loud entertainment. What’s your favorite family game or entertainment?