DIY: A Painting Project You Will LOVE

If you’re a Pinterest junkie like we are, you have likely come across the wild herringbone DIY canvas project. Several months ago, a friend and her hubby decided to spend a Saturday afternoon creating one of their own for their swanky Manhattan apartment. Well, their creation turned out to be so gorgeous and I immediately knew I wanted to test out my artistic skills. So, we decided to try this project out as the finale of our DIY week here on R&R! You guys, we had SO MUCH FUN with this project… and yes, there was wine.

First, gather the materials: canvas, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, painter’s tape and a sheet or towel to set the canvas on. Once everything is set up, mix your base coat. We chose a pearly white with a drop of brown to create a shiny taupe base coat, which we painted all over the canvas. To speed things up, grab a hairdryer to help with the drying. It works like a charm!


After the base coat dries, place the painter’s tape on the canvas in any pattern you want. Remember, wherever you place the tape will remain the base coat color.


Once the painter’s tape pattern is down, it’s time to get crazy! Here’s when you might want to pour yourself a second glass of wine. Grab a paintbrush and paint a variety of colors throughout the canvas. Some spots may have heavier amounts of paint, which gives it a great texture. Have fun!


Once you’re finished painting, let it sit for a while (perfect time for you to sip some more vino) and if you can’t stand the wait like we couldn’t, give it a quick dry with the hairdryer. Then rip off the tape… this is when it really gets exciting.


I must admit that ripping the tape off was probably just as fun as slathering the paint all over the canvas. You’ll probably be just as surprised as we were when we pulled it all off! It looks so different, funky, unique and fun–you’ll love it.


We loved this project so much that we intend on making several more! They are just too pretty to stand alone. Don’t you agree?!

We hope you liked our DIY week as much as we loved sharing it! To recap, we shared a football-themed tin can DIY on Monday, burlap flower wreath on Tuesday, scrapbooking tips on Wednesday, a fun and festive DIY tassel garland on Thursday, card making 101 on Friday and this canvas creation today. These are just a few of the many DIY projects we want to try… Let us know of some of your favorite DIY adventures! Have a great weekend, friends.