DIY: Card Creations


Happy Friday, friends! That’s something to celebrate – don’t you think?

Birthdays, weddings and thank you’s are some of life’s moments that can be wonderfully acknowledged and expressed through the simple act of giving a beautiful greeting card. It can also be even more personal and special when you have handmade the card yourself.

Similar to creating a scrapbook page, (see Scrapbooking 101) card making is a smaller version. A few things to pick up from your local hobby store are: folded note cards and envelopes, colorful card stock, scissors, ribbon, embellishments of your choice, (depending on the type of card you’re making) and double sided tape.

Of course, you can always go simple or you can really go wild with how much you place on your cards. See some of my homemade creations below for a few ideas!



The beauty of creating your own is not only the satisfaction you’ll receive when you see how much your loved one appreciated the time and effort you put into making it, but once you have the supplies on hand, you can make cards for pennies on the dollar compared to store-bought cards!

Check out Cricut for other incredible card creation inspiration.

Well folks, we are wrapping up our DIY week, but don’t worry! There’s one more amazing DIY Laurie will share with you tomorrow and you won’t believe we created it ourselves!