Scrapbooking 101


Here we are on day three of our DIY week and I wanted to share a few simple but noteworthy tips on creating fun and easy-to-assemble scrapbook pages. Scrapbooking has always been a favorite pastime for me, but I’ll admit that I fall victim to the feeling of becoming overwhelmed by the limitless options that the hobby offers.

Here are some tried and true, never-fail tricks that will always leave you with great looking pages that show off the most important thing – your treasured memories.

I love a good template. I found these at my local hobby store and have used them for years. They allow for structure while also letting you be creative in your placement of photos and embellishments. This allows for a good layout and you feel more confident since you’re not starting with a blank page.


Some supplies to keep on hand: Mat Stack cardstock paper, 12×12 pattern pack of paper, photo corners, ribbon, straight edge paper cutter, design scissors, adhesive 3D dots, double sided tape, and of course – letter stickers and cute embellishments! These ingredients make up the basics of what you need for a nice scrapbook page. These are some of the items I used when I created a scrapbook about my doggies.

Below are a few pages so you can get some ideas for your own. The best part about scrapbooking is that there is no “wrong” way to do anything! You can be creative and place your photos how you please. Plus you’ll be able to cherish the memories for years to come!




What’s your favorite pastime? Share your scrapbooking adventures with us – we’d love to hear about them!

  • Betsy

    How do you use templates? I’ve never seen them before.

    • Hi Betsy! Templates are super easy to use! They provide a suggested space for you to place pictures, background pieces and embellishments onto your page without being married to the layout just yet. Take your photos and other pieces and lay them out on top of the template. If you don’t like the position of one thing or another you can always move it around and once you’re happy with the look – remove the template and place all items on the page permanently with either double sided tape or acid-free photo corners. Happy scrapbooking!

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