What’s in my Kitchen?


When we registered for wedding gifts, we were like two kids in a candy store. It was so much fun going around swiping the gun on the bar codes of some of our favorite must-have items. And it was even more exciting knowing that we could really choose any of the fabulous kitchen appliances, tools and items that we have always had our eyes on. We love to cook–so spending time in the kitchen is less of a chore and more for enjoyment. We are foodies at heart. Here are my five must-have kitchen items:

For as long as I can remember (and as long as I’ve been cooking for myself), I’ve wanted a stand mixer. There are so many ways to use a mixer. Whether for savory dishes or sweet desserts, it comes in handy when you are juggling a busy schedule and don’t have time to dedicate to mixing things by hand. Plus, it’s less of a mess! I thought I would choose a bright, fun color for the stand mixer but we opted for chrome so it matched the rest of our appliances. And my hubby was thrilled to register for all of the attachments–meat grinder, pasta maker, etc. We may have gone a little overboard.

If there’s one item we use in our kitchen more than any other, it is definitely the cast iron skillet. It is such a great tool to have on hand for frying bacon, baking a frittata, browning meat, sauteing onions or crisping up some carnitas (mmmm). And the best part? You don’t have to wash it with soap and water! Win.

Since he’s currently a student, my husband is a big coffee drinker. With a large coffee in the morning and sometimes an afternoon cup as well, the Keurig is perfect for him. I drink coffee every morning and sometimes dabble with teas, so it’s nice to have a variety of options with the k-cups and easy clean-up. I will never go back to the dreaded coffee pot.

Although this may have a hefty price tag, Le Creuset is simply perfect. With bright colors and so many practical uses, I love our oval dutch oven. It’s ideal for roasting meat, simmering soups and letting flavors hang out for a while. Its versatility and durability make Le Creuset a must-have registry item. I wish I had more room for additional pieces!

I’ve always been a fan of the toaster and my husband loves the toaster oven. So why not register for both?! That’s exactly what we did. Although the toaster oven is larger than our counter top (sad but true) we can’t wait to use it. Who wouldn’t want to crisp up some leftover pizza or egg rolls? Yum. For now, hubby is living with the toaster.

As a lover of both cooking and eating, I can’t wait to hear what appliances and tools you swear by in your kitchen! Share with us in the comments.