A Sweet Celebration


There’s nothing I love more than a weekend at home with family and friends. Last week, I shared a delicious recipe in celebration of a sweet new year. This weekend, I head home to be with my family to fast and reflect on the past year, acknowledge any wrongdoings and look forward to a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to feel refreshed, renewed and recognize the importance of living a full, happy and healthy life.

No matter what your beliefs or religion, I think there’s one thing that we all likely have in common—we find immense joy in spending quality time with those we cherish. Although my husband and I are just a short drive away from most family, it is easy to get wrapped up in our daily routines and forget to make time for what’s most important. It is the moments that we do get to spend with family that are truly special. And for us, the high holidays mean celebrating and spending time enjoying delicious food while the room fills with laughter.

So today, I’m fasting until sundown to focus on what matters most. And then tonight, you can bet your buns that I will break the no-carb diet and feast with the family without hesitation.

PS – We have quite the “cute” giveaway in store for you on Monday! You won’t want to miss it!